Overland Style Trailers

Vintage Overland Teardrop (Caravans)

The latest (as of mid-2015) entry into the teardrop market comes from Grand Junction, Colorado: Vintage Overland.

Vintage Overland Teardrop trailer

These teardrop style "caravan" trailers come in 3 flavors:

The Tuco, a basic model that's 4' X 8' and doesn't include a rear hatch.

The Great Escape is 4' X 8' and includes a rear hatch and additional LED lighting.

The T.E. Lawrence is 5' X 8' and includes a larger bed, extra LED lighting, a writing desk, and additional storage.

The trailers start at $10,500 and take around 6 weeks to be hand-built. They're accepting orders for 2016 now.

Vintage Overland Review

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