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Homebuilt & D-I-Y Trailers

diy pic

There are literally hundreds of different options when building your own trailer. From starting with a donor trailer (such as a military M-416), to building a true custom trailer from the ground up. There are dozens of options for axels, suspension, wheels, size, storage, components, and just about anything else you’ll want to add to your trailer.

One of the most popular varieties of off road & adventure trailers are homebuilt or Do It Yourself (DIY) builds. The benefits of building your own trailer are:
1) Economical: You can usually build your own trailer for a fraction of the cost of a production model

2) Customization: When building your own trailer, you can design it to meet your specific needs exactly.

3) Great skill building: The time and skills needed to build your own trailer last a lifetime. Moreover, it’s great time spent with older children teaching them about design, planning, and fabrication.

The two major drawbacks of building your own expedition trailer are time and skills. If you’re not a skilled welder the project can quickly become costly for custom welding jobs. Also, you’ll likely spend dozens of hours planning your trailer before you begin the tedious (but hopefully rewarding) task of putting everything together. Event if you start with a good donor trailer you’ll spend countless hours fabricating modifications, changing your mind, and re-fabricating your mods. As I said it can be very rewarding, just make sure you know what you’re getting into before beginning such a large project.