Overland Style Trailers

The Burnside from Aero Teardrops.

The Burnside is a new teardrop camper from Aero Teardrops. It is a simpler, more minimalistic version of their Steel teardrops. It has a full-size mattress, plenty of storage space, and a spacious kitchen galley. It is available in a variety of colors and can be customized with a variety of options.

We configured our 'dream teardrop' for Overland Adventure in a package that would serve us well regardless of where we are. We added things like the MaxVent fan to stay cool while avoiding expensive AC units that would kill the battery.

Build Details:

Base Model
5x10 Burnside ($15,099)

Exterior Finish
Clear anodized sides ($0)

On the Tongue
Extended Tongue + Custom Storage Cage/Lid ($1,275) [Box not included], Lock n'Roll Hitch ($585)

Trailer Protection (Burnside)
Black Diamond Plate Rock Guard ($75), Rock Sliders ($750)

On the Top (Burnside)
270 Degree Awning [Roof rack required] ($899), Roof rack ($625)

Wheels, Steel HC + Burnside
American Racing Baja and 235/75R15 Goodyear Wrangler($0)

Exterior Options (Steel)
Propane tank and mount ($350), External shower ($645) + 20 gallon tank ($1,350), Maxxfan Deluxe ($275), 95Ah lithium battery upgrade ($1160)

Cabinetry Style (Steel)
Modern ($0)

Underfloor Storage and Table
Underfloor storage only ($0)

Galley Configuration (Steel)
Add a CFX3 35 Dometic portable refrigerator with cooler slide-out drawer ($1170)

Countertop Options
Laminate Countertop--Choose from 100+ options ($0)


Total Estimate:

  • $23,173

They also have a store in Oregon that you can visit, if you make an appointment.

If you're not ready to buy, but want to explore the Oregon forests with an Aero - they have rental partners listed on their /rent page: https://aeroteardrops.com/rent/

It's really cool to see well thought out products from companies like Aero Teardrops.

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